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dog training, separation anxiety training for dogs are shown in this image
dog training, separation anxiety training for dogs are shown in this image

This is the start of a brand new life with your dog.

We care about you as much as we care about your dog. We guide you in a way that not only offers proven solutions to your dog’s behavior concerns, but we also love to see YOU grow & learn with your dog.

You’ll walk away with the ability to communicate with your dog in a way you never thought possible. Through building an unbreakable bond you’ll gain a fresh perspective on their behavior, & a keen understanding of their emotions, how to meet their needs & finally connect the dots- so they feel seen & heard in a way they understand.


We align on your struggles with your dog, identify the behavior concerns and verify their clinical diagnosis, set clear, transparent criteria for the behavior change strategy, agree to the ethical standards of the process, and clearly established the goals to be achieved. Prepare to never view any dog the same way again.


Failure Free Guarantee

No one can control what another living, feeling, sentient being's thoughts, choices, and behavior. There are no guarantees in behavior (even our own!) Our answer to that existential dilemma is our FFC (failure free clause) Meaning- If you have chosen our 8-week plan, and we don't resolve your behavior concern/set you up for success within that time, we keep working until we do.


Personalized Concept Map, Behavior change strategy, 24/7 text and phone access to your trainer, adaptations to the ongoing behavior and pet parent therapy, correspondence with your veterinarian, carefully scheduled and curated sessions to suit your lifestyle and daily habits, a comprehensive exit strategy and ongoing personal attention.

Remember: Your dog is not giving you a hard time; your dog is having a hard time.

Our humane, evidence-based approach to dog training has helped hundreds of Pet Parents at the end of their rope finally discover a resolution to myriad unique behavior challenges. We focus on understanding your dog by curating a personalized training plan and program that fosters effective communication and aligns with your lifestyle. We guide you in discovering the relationship you've always dreamed of with your dog, and setting you up for success with the safe, calm, and joyful life you deserve.

"Our prime purpose in life is to help others. If you can't help them- at least don't hurt them."

  • Dalai Lama

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